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Purofort+ Rugged Full Safety



• 35% lighter than a traditional rubber or PVC boot
• Unique ladder-grip feature for more stability and grip
• Easy on/off and easy clean
• Lasts up to 3 times longer than any other boot


• Outsole with optimal grip on uneven and wet surfaces
• Steel toecap and midsole, offering full safety
• EN ISO 20345:2011 S5 CI SRC


• 100% waterproof (no stitched seams)
•  Keeping feet dry and warm

• Stays flexible and supple, with every step and movement

• Anatomically designed foot bed, offering support all day.


• Easy to maintain and clean
• Does not dry out and crack
• Cut resistant upper

Purofort Professional Full Safety



• 35% lighter than PVC or rubber boots


• Comfortable fit


• Most affordable Purofort® boot


Dunlop has improved its Purofort® Agri Range:

1. New lining; antibacterially treated, recognisable Dunlop red
2. Improved insole; 3x better moisture absorption, 100% better energy absorption In addition, the communication on the boot and the Dunlop pair box has been improved.


The Dunlop® Purofort® Professional full safety is certified according to the most recent European standards. The original Purofort boot! With its thermal insulation to -20 ° C this boot offers all the features of Purofort: shock absorption, durability and light weight. A wide tread for different surfaces. Equipped with steel toe cap and steel midsole for impact and penetration protection.

For more information please contact a service representative at (800) 725-4568. To view more Dunlop Boot products please visit them at

FAQ - Dunlop Boots

1.  What is Purofort?
Purofort was Developed by Dunlop in the 1980’s. It is a unique foaming material that consist of millions of tiny air bubbles. Due to the special ingredients and the unique way it is made the material will last longer, has excellent insulating properties and is lightweight, It gives superior comfort to the user!  Every year millions of people buy Dunlop Purofort boots all over the world because they offer the unique combination of comfort and durability.
2.  What are the advantages do these boots have compared to leather boots?
There are 3 main advantages Purofort has over leather boots.
·       Durability - Purofort will last up to 3 times longer because it will not crack or tear and it is easy to clean and is not affected by water.
·       Insulation -  The airbubbles in Purofort give a thermal barrier against cold and heat so the boots remain cool in summer and warm in winter!
·       Comfort – Purofort boots are lightweight and flexible and remain that way in cold temperatures.

3.  How are these boots different from rubber or PVC?
Both rubber and PVC are solid materials and do not have the benefit of the air bubbles, this makes them heavy and more rigid than Purofort, and because they don’t have insulating air bubbles they are more prone to excessive cold and heat. PVC and rubber have lower levels of abrasion resistance meaning Purofort boots give you up to 3 times more wear!
4.  Are these made in China like everything else?
Dunlop Purofort boots are developed and made in our own state of the art plant near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
5.  How is the sizing compared to US sizes?
We offer boots from sizes 3 to 17 depending on the style you choose, like all footwear sizing varies between styles & manufacturers, people tell us our boots run a little on the large size, if you normally take a half size take the next full size down e.g. if you take a 9 1/2 order a size 9.
6.  Are these boots hot in warm weather?
The airbubbles in Purofort give a thermal barrier against heat so the boots remain cool in summer!
7.  Are these boots cold in cold weather?
The airbubbles in Purofort give a thermal barrier against cold so the boots remain warm in winter! Our Thermo+ style will even protect down to -58F!
8.  What kind of safety features do they have?  I see a bunch of symbols but don’t know what they mean.
All Purofort boots are fitted with a steel toe cap and steel midsole for protection against heavy objects as well as being puncture resistant. We also offer some boots to protect against electrical hazard.
9.  What is Vibram?
Vibram is the inventor of the rubber outsole and specializes in the development and production of outsoles for a variety of leading footwear manufacturers in safety and leisure products.  The Dunlop Explorer uses the Vibram ‘’Fire & Ice’’ compound developed withstand extreme heat as well as very low temperatures without any loss in performance making it ideal for oil, gas and mining operations.
10.  Are this boots just for water and mud situations or can they be used all day comfortably?
Purofort boots are ideal for use all day, every day!
11.  Are these boots durable?
You bet! A pair of Dunlop Purofort boots will last up to 3 times longer than traditional leather, PVC or rubber boots and because of our unique production method & Purofort recipe they will last longer than other polyurethane boots available on the market
12.  What type of industry are they suited for?
Purofort boots are suitable for a wide variety of industries ranging from Oil & gas production, construction, food processing and farming. Please drop us a line and tell us where you use your Dunlop boots.
13.  What kind of warranty do they have?
All Purofort boots have a “born on” day stamped on the sole, we give a 2 year manufacture’s defects warranty from the day your boots are born.

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