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Towel Rental

Do you use 1,000 or more shop or printer towels per week?  Let R3 Industrial help you get the best towel quality and rental service you have ever experienced.


R3 Industrial uses a dual-cleaning process that sets the industry standard for the cleanest and most absorbent towels.  In addition, each individual towel is inspected before returning to the customer for reuse.  To comply with all pertinent regulations, labeled DOT approved vessels are provided for accumulation and transportation.  Your company will be allocated an exclusive inventory to be used only by your company, which eliminates cross contamination that can result in metal shavings and other problematic materials. 


Furthermore, if your towels are contaminated with solvents, a towel rental with R3 Industrial helps you comply with EPA standards regarding the “Excluded Solvent Contaminated Wipers” rule.


Contact us to discuss a program that meets your needs, and exceeds your expectations.   

Click on the video below for a brief description of our towel rental programs.  Call (800) 725-4568 to speak with a services representative for more detail. 


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