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Industrial Matting

Turtle Plastics is a great company that combines a quality product with great service.  All Turtle Plastics matting comes with a 5 year warranty on the mat and a 1 year warrantee for the gritted option.  If you damage or wear it out within the warrantee, Turtle Plastics will ship new product to replace the worn product.
Turtle plastics matting is made out of 100% recycled material.  When the matting you purchase reaches the end of its life, Turtle Plastics will purchase it back from you for the fair market value of PVC. You will never have to throw a mat away again!
Turtle plastics matting is made out of 12"x12’" modular sections. It can be custom made to fit any area or application.
Call R3 Industrial for a free 3’x5’ mat and try it out today!  You may even qualify for a 30 day trial period. We will come measure an area and install the matting upon approval!

For more information and products please call

(800) 725-4568 to talk to a service representative.

Turtle Plastic Matting
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