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Reusable Absorbents

R3 Industrial offers a large selection of reusable absorbents in a variety of sizes and weights.  There are pads, mats, and socks, made for different applications and substances, and all can be cleaned multiple times.


Reusable absorbents are a great alternative to disposable products, because in addition to the absorbent product being reused, the contaminants are captured and also reused for fuel blending and oil recycling.  


Our reusable absorbent services help eliminate a waste stream, and in most cases reduces the combined costs of purchasing disposable absorbents,  purchasing collection receptacles and disposal containers, and paying fees for waste disposal.  Further, because reusable pads tend to hold more fluid and absorb longer, there can be a significant time savings attained from deploying and collecting the absorbents.


Every facility's environmental needs and goals are a little different, so R3 Industrial can work with your environmental staff to customize a program specific to your facility.   


The upside?


Eliminate an entire waste stream, reduce your environmental liabilities, consolidate three vendors into one, and reduce your overall cost...


The downside?


Well…in our view there is none.

Click on the video below for a brief description of our reusable absorbent programs.  Call (800) 725-4568 to speak with a service representative for more detail.

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