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Environmentally Sensitive Soiled Wipers

If your facility uses wipers that become contaminated with solvents, oils and greases, or other environmentally sensitive substances, you are probably following standard protocol by collecting the soiled products in DOT approved drums, labeling the drums, preparing a hazardous waste manifest, shipping out using a hazardous waste handling company, and keeping and maintaining records of your shipments.  Then you order new wipers and repeat the process.


Did you know that R3 Industrial can clean those wipers for you and completely eliminate a waste stream?  Also, you may be able to reuse most of your wipers, which saves on purchasing new product on a regular basis.


What if R3 Industrial could offer you a program that will help you with the following?


  • No more hazardous waste manifest;

  • No more hazardous waste shipments and record keeping;

  • No more purchasing new textile wiping products regularly;

  • No more purchasing of drums that will be destroyed after one use;

  • One vendor handling your containers, wipers, and recycling;

  • Significant cost savings when eliminating product repurchasing, container purchasing, and waste disposal costs;

  • Waste stream elimination; and

  • Elimination of cradle-to-grave liability.


Contact us to discuss a wiper recycling program that will simplify the way you handle your soiled wipers, eliminate a waste stream, and most likely generate a significant cost savings.

Click on the video below for a brief description of how we can help you with your environmentally sensitive soiled wipers. 

Call (800) 725-4568 to speak with a services representative for more detail.

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