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Gloves & Personal Protective Equipment Cleaning

A PPE cleaning service (work gloves, sleeves, aprons, jackets, etc.) is often a misunderstood and underutilized asset.  Unlike the cleaning of other industrial textiles, such as shop towels or rags, PPE cleaning services are highly specialized, and require a knowledge of the fibers and materials used in their production.     


In the past, many companies used gloves made of simple, inexpensive materials such as cotton, leather, and terrycloth.  However most of today’s new high performance PPE is constructed of expensive, high tech materials designed to enhanced protection from workplace hazards.  Typically, PPE comprises a significant portion of a company's safety budget.  If your company uses gloves, sleeves, aprons, welding jackets, and other items to protect your employees, R3 Industrial could help you save upwards of 70% on your total PPE spend. 


Our process goes beyond simply washing product and then dumping them in a container to be returned.  Depending on the specific composition of the product, R3 Industrial will utilize either a dry-cleaning process, or a customized laundry process, with proper formulations and chemistry designed to match manufacturers' recommendations.  Once the product is cleaned, a visual inspection of every piece is performed.  After passing established quality control, the pieces are sized, paired, and packaged for return and reuse.  Depending on the mode of PPE distribution within your facility, value added services, such as labeling, boxing, and vend-packing can be performed as well.


An R3 Industrial cleaning programs can not only drastically reduce the amount of money your company spends on PPE, it can also reduce the enormous amount of soiled PPE waste sent to landfills every year.  So if zero landfill or ISO 14001 compliance is an objective, a PPE cleaning program...well it fits like a glove.  Every other textile in the world - clothing and garments, restaurant and hotel linens, medical wear, firefighting gear -  is cleaned and reused.  Why would anyone consider PPE a single use product? 


Let us use our expertise to combine our cleaning program with a PPE supply program.  This ensures that you are using PPE that not only adequately protects your employees, but also retains its durability after the cleaning process, and maximizes the value of your PPE dollars.  


Stop throwing your PPE budget in the trash, and contact us to discuss the many options we can offer.  


Click on the Video Below for a brief description of our glove and PPE cleaning programs.  Call (800) 725-4568 to speak with a services representative for more detail.

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